Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do your prices include VAT?
Our prices do not include VAT but VAT will be added automatically on the checkout to show exactly how much your goods will cost you. Most of our customers are VAT registered businesses and so wish to see the prices net of VAT.

2. Do you charge VAT if you sell products to European destinations?
No, we don’t charge VAT on orders from Europe who are VAT registered, as you will be charged VAT in your own trading destination.

3. Are you going to sell your entire range online?
No, whilst we are always in the process of updating our online range, we have no intention to update our website with all our products. There are simply too many products and price fluctuations therefore our online range will remain limited.

4. Do I need to be a business to shop online with you?
Not really, this is a trade site however feel free to register, we sell all our products by case quantity and so it is unlikely that you will want that quantity as an individual. However, if you do want to order in bulk from us then you are more than welcome to place your order.

5. Do I need to register with you separately to shop online?
All new customers will need to register to place an order online. If you need help registering or placing orders please call us or send us an email via the contact page.

6. How do I place an order?
It's as simple as 1,2,3. You can call us via the number provided on the contact page or register online. We will take some information and register you on our online portal. Once you are set up on the system. You can add all products to the basket and confirm your order once you are happy. Once we receive your order we may call you to confirm and take payment.


7. Is there a minimum order?

Yes, the current minimum order is £250 excl VAT. We have put this in place as this is a trade site and get far too many single item orders.

8. How much do I need to pay for delivery in the UK?
If you are based in the UK mainland area, deliveries over £1000 are usually free. However, if your order is below £1000 we may need you to contribute towards the delivery cost. See our delivery page.


9. How much do I need to pay for delivery outside the UK?

Orders outside the UK are worked on basis of pallets using personalised quotations. Please call us or send us an email for more information.


10. How do I make a payment

We currently only accept payment using Bank Account Transfers. We will update the website once card payments are accepted.


11. Do you accept cheques

Unfortunately, we cannot accept cheques, all payments need to be made in advance prior to dispatch.


12. Do you offer allergen free products?

Yes! we are the sole distributor in Europe for The Rocky Road House products. These are ALL gluten, egg and peanut free!


13. Do The Rocky Road House products contain nuts?

The products DO NOT contact peanuts or trace amounts. However, they may contain traces of TREE NUTS only.


14. I have a nut allergy; can I still eat the rocky road house products?

We have been advised from the manufacturer that The Rocky Road House products are manufactured in a PEANUT FREE facility. However, they cannot guarantee trace amounts of TREE NUTS. Always read the label.

For any further information or questions not covered get in touch on